Friday, June 26, 2009

Procaratinating for a Month

Yes, I have procrastinated for a whole month. I am amazed by my the greatness I have achieved.

I will be updating on everything that I can think of right now. Let's see, I went to Redang in the holidays. The trip was ''normal'', salty water, computer playing, boat that makes my ears fall, people dying and cars breaking down. That pretty much sums the whole trip. Oh, and snooker.

Back to school after the holidays. There was an MPH book sale at school. Almost everyone in school is playing the Rubik's cube because of the sale. Just because i learnt the cube in the holidays, peoiple start asking me to teach them. Now i mostly use my free time in school racing with other people. I hold the ''tournament record'' with 1 minute 17 seconds =).

And I found out that even my school procrastinates. They were lazy until they found out they were hosting the National Christian Schools Conference and our Prime Minister- Najib is coming. They repainted most of the school just for this thing. They even let us out of school early today just because they were runnning out of time.

Not much to say, except the SJI Cadet Band won ^^.


Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Over

How can I make this simpler? I have nothing much to say except:'' It's over.'' I know we only spent 1 week together, but to me, that 1 week was plain torture.

I couldn't sleep properly just because I was thinking of you. You enjoyed tormenting me a lot, but I tolerated. You made me waste a lot of time. But now I have to say that this has finally ended. I was willing to say goodbye a long time ago, but I waited until now. No hard feelings, okay?

FAREWELL MIDYEAR EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

If you fell for that, you have very little skill =). The evil mid year exams are finally over. I have completly no faith in myself to improve, because this exam was.......... bleh. But now, I am in complete chill mode.

I just can't wait for the holidays to come. I am going to spend the 1st couple of days relaxing in Redang. No rushing, waking up early or any of those crap. Just plain relaxing.

End of the post, thank you very much.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

To post, or not to post, that is the question

This will be a very short post.


Because I am typing this in school. I can say that this is the slowest computer I have ever used. Anyways, i will not be doing a full update until I get back home.

I seriously have nothing to blog about. Except my cousin Yee Ping coming back from Iowa, USA :). And don't worry, she does not have Influenza A (H1N1).

This post is coming to an end. You may leave with your disappointment.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

SJI Sports Day

On Friday, my school had its annual sports day.

We had to go to Bukit Jalil Stadium. It turns out that our sports day has VERY little events cause we already had the 400metres, 4x400 relay, long jump, high jump and shot putt events in our school. So that leaves the 100, 200, 4x100 metres.

I reached the stadium at about 7:10. There was practically no one there <.<. Well, I have to say that it was quite boring there. We started with the marching and opening ceremony. I have to say, St John's band's marching is CRAZILY AWESOME. Their feet were like robots, all touching the ground at the same time.

Trust me, you really don't want to know the details cause all I did there was talk, play with other people's phone and let other people play with my phone. I also went and drank 4 cups of FREE Milo. I wasn't there for the end but I was quite sure Cornelius won T_T.

At night, I went to check my eyes at a nearby optical store. My eyesight only increased by 20 thanks over 3 years thanks to the magical myopia control lenses (which is probably worth more then your phone). Sadly, I have to change my glasses cause some stupid monkey scratched mine <.< (Goodbye RM1000). The person said I have to wear an eye patch 2hours a day for 1 whole month and look like a pirate.

That's all.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

SJI Canteen/ Family Day

I know the title is weird, but I still don't know which one is correct. It's a long story about the title, but since I am bored, I shall tell you. It started when the head of the afternoon session said we will be having a Canteen Day and not a Family Day this year. After a long time, Mr David (who I think is the teacher in charge) said Family Day, and until now, this remains an unsolved mystery.

Well, I got to school quite early, I think I was earliest in my class (not including the people who went for the 8km race). Now it turns out that the food wasn't prepared for my stall, but I was the only person there >.<. So, my classmates just had to leave me to talk to my class teacher through the phone. Our stall was an epic failure by the way, after we earned RM6, our teacher decided to close our stall (yay).

Since I don't need to sell stupid stuff anymore, I decided to walk around all the stalls with my class monitor Garett Lau bin Zhen Sheng XD (this was a joke in our Sejarah lesson).

Suddenly, the DJ said that all Johannians must go to the Water Dunking place (the place where you throw a ball, and if you hit the target, the person sitting on the board will get dunked into water. It turns out that our headmaster, Mr Peter Yii was sitting on that board. The people in charge said that there were gonna be 200 free balls to throw. The people also shouted :'' YOUTUBE! YOUTUBE!''. Since there were a lot of people, quickly rushed upstairs to watch this AMAZING event. When he got dunked into the water, everyone was clapping and he sprayed water at everyone XD.

Not much happened after that, except our former principal Brother Lawrence, who was just awarded Datukship, came out, he didn't say much la. Oh, and Mr David said that Brother Lawrence was his teacher in St John 40 years ago O.o.

Nothing important happened after that, except me buying a St John t-shirt XD.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just another update.

Yes, just another update.

Yes, I am very lazy to update, but because I am a good person, I shall revive my blog. Ah, I have to sleep early today cause tomorrow is Canteen/ Family Day at my school. What we do is earn $$$ for the school and that is pretty much it. My class is making rojak XD.

A lot of activities at school are coming up. For example we have sports day next Friday. This year, we are having our sports day at Bukit Jalil cause the poor field has been ravaged by worms =(. About sports day, currently, Cornelius is leading (T_T) after the sports carnival. Gilbert is surprisingly in 2nd, and is followed by D Joseph (who will surely win everything) , Claude and Stephen (lol).

School has been very interesting these couple of days. And I got all my results back, and I have to say, they were slightly good. You will have to find out the results by yourself, but I can tell you that I got top 20 in class, I got at least 5 A's, and I did not fail any major subjects (curse you Seni). Other than that, I got highest in class for 2 subjects =).

That's all cause I have to sleep soon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Exams Over

Ah yes, exams are over. But we have another one in May.......

Anyways, this time, the exams were different in many ways.Some of the exams were easier and most of them were harder >.<.

List o' exams:

BM: This was so hard. Seriously, I didn't have enough time cause I had the writers block..... Well, I am hoping not to fail this time.

Moral: As most of you know, I think Moral is useless. And this exam made me feel that way to. It was VERY hard, cause i didn't study.

English: This was ok. I already know my marks for the objective part, but I am not telling you any of my marks, so if you want to find out, do some asking.

Maths: Easy. Very easy. To make it even easier: we could use calculators.I already got my marks, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to guess my marks.

Science: This was ok. Slightly hard, but still okay. Sadly, I drew my graph with pen cause I already finished my exam when the teacher said that we are supposed to use pencil.

KH: As most of you know, I failed this subject last time. I wont be surprised if I fail it this time. Let's not get into details.

Sejarah: This was quite easy. I am really hoping for an A. Sadly, i didn't buy the workbook which 60% of the questions came out from T_T.

Geografi: This was very hard. I already got my marks and I am quite happy with it.

Seni: It was hard. But everyone finished it early. And we had to wait for a long, long time cause it was the last exam <.<.

My goal for this exam:

- Don't fail anything
- At least 5 A's
- Get top 20 in class <.<.

The end.