Friday, June 26, 2009

Procaratinating for a Month

Yes, I have procrastinated for a whole month. I am amazed by my the greatness I have achieved.

I will be updating on everything that I can think of right now. Let's see, I went to Redang in the holidays. The trip was ''normal'', salty water, computer playing, boat that makes my ears fall, people dying and cars breaking down. That pretty much sums the whole trip. Oh, and snooker.

Back to school after the holidays. There was an MPH book sale at school. Almost everyone in school is playing the Rubik's cube because of the sale. Just because i learnt the cube in the holidays, peoiple start asking me to teach them. Now i mostly use my free time in school racing with other people. I hold the ''tournament record'' with 1 minute 17 seconds =).

And I found out that even my school procrastinates. They were lazy until they found out they were hosting the National Christian Schools Conference and our Prime Minister- Najib is coming. They repainted most of the school just for this thing. They even let us out of school early today just because they were runnning out of time.

Not much to say, except the SJI Cadet Band won ^^.



Anonymous said...

people dying??

ur cousin, pei ni

yinkoon said...

National Christian Schools Conference... St John's... wow. It must had been years since I am there.

I found your blog by searching Fide et Labore. Google translate failed me.